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About Us

Hacienda International is an international trading and investment house based in Dubai (UAE). It has been established to carry out the business of trading in various products and commodities, specializing in the African, Latin American and Middle Eastern markets.

Equipped with market information and backed by extensive research; banking expertise; treasury management and formidable associations with manufacturers, we aim to reduce cost of imports, thereby limiting foreign exchange outflows.

Our products include, but are not limited to, construction materials, communication products, transportation equipment, agro-implements, agro-produce, bio-fuels, IT solutions, furniture’s & fittings, stationery products.

In today’s global business environment where trust and service are the key differentiators, we aim add further products to  the existing distribution channels of our prospective partners, thereby diversifying individual portfolios and creating the right growth environment.

With the belief that investment is a natural progression to any trading exercise, through our trading activities we also seek to identify projects and partners for investments in financially viable projects.

Hacienda International, has developed sound infrastructural capabilities and management fundamentals, which it leverages to succeed and grow in the dynamic environment of global trade and investment.

Portfolio Diversification

At Hacienda International, we not only reduce costs of products for our buyers, but we also allow them to create a diversified mix of products using the same distribution network, so that risk of loss is reduced and potential for sustainable profit on the amount of invested capital is increased.

Assuming an investment of USD 1 million in the form of an irrevocable, confirmed L/C on sight basis, please look at the following comparisons –

Key Features

Traditional Method

Our Proposal


USD 1 million

USD 1 million



"Rice USD 500,000

Assorted Spices – USD 250,000

Assorted Pasta – USD 250,000"

Buyer’s Profit


Rice – 5%

Assorted Spices – 7%

Assorted Pasta – 10%


USD 600/ MT Average

Rice – USD 600/ MT Average

Assorted Spices–USD 2,000/ MT Average

Assorted Pasta–USD 1,175/ MT Average

Quantity Purchased

1,666 MT

Rice – 833 MT

Assorted Spices – 125 MT

Assorted Pasta – 213 MT

Profit/ MT

USD 30/ MT

Rice – USD 30/ MT

Assorted Spices – USD 140/ MT

Assorted Pasta – USD 118/ MT

Time Required to Sell

45 – 50 Days

30 – 35 Days

Total Profit Per Cycle

USD 50,000/ Cycle

USD 67,500/ Cycle

Total Profit Increase (%)


35%/ Cycle

Annual Profit

USD 400,000

USD 810,000

Annual Return on Investment (%)



Annual Profit Increase


USD 2,70,000 (4 extra rotations)

Annual Profit Increase (%)



Other Benefits


Risk Mitigation, Deep Market Penetration,

Sustainable Growth, Maximising Profits